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 Download Video Manifestation System from HUMAN TRASH DUMP here:

Free download: The VMS User Manual


The Video Manifestation System offers users a radicalized system to build and shape reality. By interlacing specific VMS concepts like user approach, intention, perception, and language with the Multidimensional Human Perception Apparatus, VMS offers users a tool to build useful realities while simultaneously eliminating outmoded corporeality. VMS transforms beneficial etherial notions, wishes, dreams or ideas into tangible reality. By psychically entangling multiple abstractions extrapolated from the experimental statistics and algebraic concepts that have preceded non-locality, quantum teleportation, and superdense coding, VMS aligns intention with action to produce a compact five-minute digital video capable of manufacturing realities. Complete with prescriptive application suggestions for maximum results, users enjoy a simple ten-step interface with infinite reality building possibilities. VMS incorporates a biopsychospiritual approach to reality building which expands upon a model of human cognition developed by neuroscientist Karl Pribram and physicist David Bohm called the holonomic brain theory that describes the brain as a holographic storage network. By stretching the boundaries of the holonimic brain to include the holonomic energy bodies, VMS is able to access The Multidimensional Human Perception Apparatus (MHPA,) an invisible system capable of transducing the seen and unseen systems of the inner and outer holonomic energy bodies. Shaped like an amorphic electronic cloud, and made up of subatomic elementary particles like tau neutrinos within and surrounding the body, the MHPA remains unbound by namable physical structures and is key to rediscovering the reality manufacturing capabilities once central to human functioning.   Prolonged interface with the slow and heavy dimension of physical reality has jammed up and run down the MHPA. Over time, central manifestation components of the MHPA, such as gut biomes and subquantum receptive structures within the cerebral spinal fluid surrounding the brain and brainstem, have become ineffective. VMS works to restore the MHPA functions by engaging users in a process intended to distract the conscious linear logic mind, effectively creating an intentional feedback loop. Building reality begins with perception. With the conscious linear logic mind out of the way, the inner workings of the MHPA are allowed to surface and be directed toward reality building ventures. Designed to facilitate singular and multiple aspects of both internal and external realities through its micro/macro input manifold, VMS is an effective tool for revising a broad range of issues and circumstances ranging from internal personal mental and emotional struggles like boredom, lethargy, dyscalculia, co-dependance, and heartbreak to physical conditions like high blood pressure, whip lash, sciatica, poison ivy, aphasia, temporal lobe epilepsy, and broken bones. VMS also makes it possible to address complex problems within a community or family dynamic such as authoritarianism, prolonged bitter quarrels, dishonesty, and miscommunications and is also a powerful instrument for reshaping dysfunctional pieces of corporeal reality not limited to broken waste oil burners, miscalibrated stopwatches, busted serpentine belts, misaligned zippers or stuck elevators. Larger external dangers such as injustices due to the abuse of political or economic power systems like racism, genocide, domestic violence, mass shootings, Satanic cults, and violent regimes have also proved pliant. As an interface, VMS connects humans to powerful forces of nature and offers a way to transform destructive energies resulting from disasters like tsunamis, pollution, wild fires, blight, drought, crop damage, nuclear war, sink holes and volcanos into a generative force fueled by natural and cosmic elements that can be directed into new realities or dispersed as weather phenomena. Users are encouraged to think galactic. VMS has been proven useful for wrangling cosmic energies, entities as well as astral bodies like planets, moons, black and worm holes, comets, solar storms, and supernovas.

N I N A  A. I S A B E L L E 

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